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У страны должны быть герои, и люди должны их знать. Это должны быть ориентиры, на примерах которых сегодняшние поколения могли бы воспитываться и воспитывать своих детей. Это очень важно!
Владимир Владимирович Путин


In the memory of the last Russian Emperor

On the day of the 100th anniversary of the tragic death of Nicholas II family, the International Memorial Action was organized by the Russian Military Historical Society (RMHS). Flowers laying ceremonies and actions of memory were held in 12 regions of Russia and 3 foreign countries.

Remains of 17 Soviet soldiers were found in Finland

On the territory of the Republic of Finland, a search expedition continues its work on the battlefields of the Soviet-Finnish war. A joint search team from Arkhangelsk, Moscow, and the Republic of Karelia is searching the area for the remains of soldiers and officers. In the winter of 1940, soldiers and commanders of 9th independent ski battalion fought and perished in these forests. The expedition is funded by the Presidential Grant with the support of the Russian Military Historical Society, the Governor and the Government of the Arkhangelsk Region.

"The Man-Universe": the book about Chinghiz Aitmatov was presented in Bishkek

The documentary and the biographical monograph "Chinghiz Aitmatov. Universal Man" was presented at the International Scientific and Practical Conference dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the writer. The co-author of the book was the official representative of the Russian Military Historical Society in the Kyrgyz Republic - Leonid Sumarokov.  

Finland. Search expedition «On tracks of the 9th separate ski battalion. Return to the Motherland»

A new search expedition takes place in Finland starting  July 1st to July 20th «On tracks of the 9th  separate ski battalion. Return to the Motherland» The project is implemented by the Russian Military Historical Society and the charitable Military Historical Foundation of the Russian North with the support of the Governor and the Government of the Arkhangelsk Region. As а part of the event, the organizers plan to install a memorable obelisk and rebury the remains of fighters who died in the Soviet-Finnish war.

Memorial events took place in Russia and abroad

On June 22, memorial events dedicated to the Day of Remembrance and Sorrow took place across the country and abroad. The most large-scale events were the following: "Candle of Memory" and "Verification of the Fallen", supported by 83 regional representative offices of the Russian Military Historical Society (RMHS). In addition, the RMHS activists took part in the charity action "Red Carnation".

The book "Country on fire" was presented in the Republic of Belarus

Yesterday in the National Press Center of the Republic of Belarus scientists from the Institute of History of the Belarus National Academy of Sciences and the Institute of World History of the Russian Academy of Sciences held a presentation of the book "Country on Fire" (thematic essays and collections of documents combined into three volumes (“1941, Country on Fire”; “1942 -1943, Crucial Moment”; and “1944-1945, Liberation”).

Festival "Alexandrian Karusel" took place in Peterhof

The festival was opened for public between June 30th and July 1st in the Peterhof Museum-Reserve (in park "Alexandria"). The main event of the annual festival will be a theatrical performance with elements of opera and ballet.  

The mobile application to the project "Memory place" is released

On June 22, the app became available in the Google Play for Android and in the AppStore for the iOS users. Application greatly simplifies the process of uploading photos of monuments and burial places to the website. A free application is equipped with a convenient and simple interface.

The Ministry of Defense published secret documents of the Great Patriotic War

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation promulgated copies of documents from the beginning of the Great Patriotic War period. Among them, the first directives of the highest military command of the USSR, orders for military districts, reward sheets and a trophy German map with the "Barbarossa" plan.

The movie “SOBIBOR” was presented in Paris

Sobibor is a film by the Russian actor and director Konstantin Khabensky about the escape of prisoners from the concentration camp during the Second World War. It was shown at the Russian Spiritual and Cultural Center in Paris. The film was created with the participation of the Russian Military Historical Society.