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У страны должны быть герои, и люди должны их знать. Это должны быть ориентиры, на примерах которых сегодняшние поколения могли бы воспитываться и воспитывать своих детей. Это очень важно!
Владимир Владимирович Путин


The 101st anniversary commemorating the battle of The Commune Courcy: memorial events will take place in France

April 22, 2018 in the commune Courcy (Department of Marne, France) will be a series of events in conjunction with the 101st anniversary of the commune’s liberation by soldiers of the Russian Expeditionary Force.

The Russian Military Historical Society: Polish authorities must fight with vandals, not with the fallen

It is now public knowledge that the Polish authorities plan to exhume the remains of Soviet soldiers buried in the town of Starachowice (Świętokrzyskie voivodship) and replace them to the military cemetery in Kielce. Scientific director of the Russian Military Historical Society Mikhail Myagkov commented on this information.

The activists restore the cemetery to Soviet Soldiers in Poland

April 13, 2018 the city of Nowy Targ (Poland) will host an international conference "Partnership dialogue on issues of preservation historical and cultural heritage". On April 14, a solemn opening ceremony (after restoration) of the cemetery to Soviet soldiers in the town of Proszowice will take place.

It was Russia that brought freedom to Bulgaria!

The official statement of the Russian Military Historical Society about the celebration in Bulgaria the 140th anniversary of liberation from the Ottoman yoke.

Reference about the activities of the Russian Military Historical Society

The Imperial Russian Military Historical Society - one of the four Imperial Societies, along with the Russian Geographical Society, the Russian Historical Society and the Orthodox Palestine Society - was created by the Decree of Emperor Nicholas II in 1907, ceased its activity in 1917.