Reference about the activities of the Russian Military Historical Society


The Russian Military Historical Society (RMHS) was recreated by the Edict No. 1710 of the Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin of December 29, 2012 as a successor of the Imperial Russian Military Historical Society, which was created by the Decree of Emperor Nicholas II in 1907 and ceased its activity in 1917.

The objectives of RMHS are: to consolidate the forces of the state and society in the study of Russia's military historical past, to promote the study of Russian military history and counteract attempts to distort it, to popularize the achievements of military-historical science, raise the prestige of military service, and patriotism education.


The Russian Military Historical Society (RMHS) has installed more than 215 monuments on the territory of Russia and abroad.

Among them: a monument to the St. Equal-to-the-Apostels Grand Prince Vladimir and a monument to Mikhail Kalashnikov (Moscow), a memorial to Konstantin Rokossovsky (Volgograd), monument to the Grand Duke Ivan III (Kaluga), Alley of Rulers in Moscow and the Alley of fame of the heroes of Astrakhan land in Astrakhan.Memorials to the Heroes of the First World War in Moscow, Kaliningrad and other cities of Russia; memorials to Russian soldiers in France (7 monuments), Slovenia, Austria.

The work on the installation of monuments continues. The project of the Rzhev Memorial to the Soviet Soldier was developed. The giant complex will be opened in Tver region to the 75th anniversary of the victory in the Great Patriotic War. 

More than 2100 commemorative plaques have been installed in honor of the Soviet Union Heroes (participants in the Great Patriotic War) on the buildings of schools where they had studied in all the regions of Russia. In 2018, 500 more memorial plaques will be installed, including memorial plaques installation for the Knights of St. George Order and the full knights of the Order of Glory.

Patriotic graffiti are being created on the facades of houses across the country, at the moment there are more than 20. There are new projects in the Tambov region, Izhevsk, Rostov-on-Don and a number of other cities.

In various regions of Russia, 37 monuments to the Soviet soldier were opened at the grave sites under the program of replacing the destroyed memorials, 10 will be installed before the end of this year.

A special regional program is the installation of monuments-busts to Heroes and Twice Heroes of the Soviet Union. Already 20 monuments have been opened, 20 more will appear this year.


In order to unite the efforts of activists in preserving memorials, monuments, places of mass burial of soldiers who died during the Great Patriotic War and other armed conflicts, the web portal Местопамяти.рф (Memory Place) was created. It is the information space for military historical heritage objects that citizens themselves form and process by themselves. To date, information on more than 12 000 memorial sites on the territory of Russia and beyond has been posted here. Volunteer activities aimed at improving the places of memory also take place.

In June 2018, will be available specialized mobile application to inspect and record the condition of monuments and burial places, which will greatly simplify the filling of the Местопамяти.рф (Memory Place) with new information. For the same cause, content moderation centers were created in various regions of the Russian Federation and abroad.

Within the further development of the web portal, integration with the movement "Memory Keepers" is taking place: behind each Memory Space a volunteer - Guardian is assigned, who takes care of the monument or burial. The movement has already been established, mutual agreements have been reached, joint work begins in June 2018.


In the course of more than 50 searching expeditions conducted in Russia and abroad, the remains of 5778 soldiers of the Russian and Red Army were found. 256 names of fallen have been established, combat biographies have been restored, and a search for relatives has been carried out.

More than 8000 searchers from 55 regions of the Russian Federation were involved in the work. Annually the largest international military-historical camps "Kalinin Front" (Tver Region), "Volkhov Front" (Leningrad Region), as well as All-Russian "Memory Watch" are held annually. In 2017, international search expedition was successfully conducted in the wake of the First World War in France.

Materials collected during the work were used in order to organize 71 exhibitions.


Under the aegis of the RMHS the Smolensk fortress wall (a monument of the XVII-XVIII centuries) and the Voronezh Rotunda (a monument of the Great Patriotic War) are being revived. Assuming operative management of cultural heritage objects, RMHS not only improves the efficiency of restoration works, but also ensures a comprehensive revival and return to the cultural turnover of unique objects of the military history of the Fatherland.


The RMHS is the operator of its own museum projects: the Museum of Moscow Streltsy "Streletskie Palaty" and the Museum of Military uniform in Moscow, the GromovayaTower Museum in Smolensk. In the second half of 2018, a new large Military Museum will be opened in Moscow and the Mokhovaya Tower in Smolensk.

With the support and active participation of the RMHS, new museums and exhibitions are opening. The key project was the renovation of the Katyn Memorial Complex (Smolensk Region): to improve the territory large-scale works were carried out, the monument "Shooting" was installed, a new museum and exhibition complex was opened. There are new large museum projects in Moscow and Karelia.

The support of museum activities is being maintained in the regions. Several museums dedicated to the great generals and heroes of the Fatherland have been created, reconstructed and handed over to local communities. At the beginning of 2018, it was awarded the competition for the best regional military history museum. During this year, five school museums will be created in small towns and villages.


The RMHS exposes various exhibition projects in regions of Russia. "Never forget ... it was the Soviet soldier who saved the world" was presented in Moscow, Smolensk, Sochi, Voronezh, Volgograd, Kurgan, Omsk, Novosibirsk, Tomsk, Kerch, in the Park "Patriot" in the Moscow Region. The adapted version of the exhibition, called "Remember ..." – was exposed in Geneva, Warsaw, Prague, Budapest and Ljubljana.

The multimedia exhibition "War and Myths", timed to the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Moscow, is dedicated to exposing falsifiers of history. The exhibition was presented in Arkhangelsk, Ivanovo, Moscow, Tambov, Tula, Kaliningrad, Orel, was opened in Michurinsk. The adapted version was presented in May in Slovakia and is preparing for a tour in Slovenia, the Czech Republic and France.

As part of the celebration of the 75th anniversary of the Victory in the Battle of Stalingrad, the RMHS created the Multimedia exhibition #WEARESTALINGRAD (#МЫСТАЛИНГРАД). After the premiere in the Museum of the military uniform, exhibition was presented to a wide audience in the Victory Museum (Moscow) and is in the process of preparation for a regional tour.


More than 40 military historical festivals were held, in which over 7000 representatives of military historical reconstruction clubs and 1 250 000 spectators took part, both from Russia and abroad. Among them are the largest Russian festivals - "The Day of Borodino" in the Moscow region, " The Gumbinnen battle" in the Kaliningrad region, and “The Siberian Fire” in Novosibirsk.



The RMHS organized 125 youth patriotic camps and trainings for children and teenagers. More than 25 000 people became participants in the Central, North-Western, Urals, Privolzhsky, Southern and Crimean federal districts. The largest camp - "Borodino" - only in one summer 2018 will take 1900 boys and girls. 

The "Artek - museum space" and the thematic events at the "Tavrida" youth forum, which cover hundreds of participants, are organized every year.

The program "Roads of Victory. Excursions for schoolchildren" over several years of work has transported over 500,000 children on military-historical routes. In 2017-18, the program included two and three-day excursions, the number of regions of presence increased to 18.

As a part of an agreement with “Russia is my history” project, signed in May 2018, the program, dedicated to attraction of young people to regional historic parks, advanced training for tour guides, and increasing the quality of content presented, has been initiated.


Dozens of historical books, albums, atlases and teaching aids have been published, their total circulation exceeds 3 million copies. Most popular of them are the following: the series "Great military commanders of Russia", three-volume "Russia in the First World", "Atlas of the Victory", the textbook "Military history of Russia", publications about outstanding personalities and key events in the history of the Fatherland. New books and albums are being prepared for publication.

Several open lectures of different formats have been organized. Within their framework leading Russian historians, writers, public figures participated in discussions. They were visited by more than 50 000 lecture attendees, broadcasts are conducted via a real-life online stream on the "ИСТОРИЯ.РФ" ( web portal. Daily articles on actual issues are published on this portal, too. A unique platform for communication of professorial-teaching staff, students and history lovers is created. The first Russian Internet encyclopedia compiled by professional historians actively develops and now contains over 28 000 articles.


Specialists of the RMHS scientific department acted as consultants in the production of dozens of art and hundreds of documentary films, which in total were watched by over  18 000 000 spectators. The most famous films are the following: "The Battalion", "The Dawns Here Are Quiet", "The Battle For Sevastopol", "The First World War", "28 Panfilovites". In 2018 films "Tanks", "Rubezh”, and “Sobibor” were released. These movies were created with the direct participation of the RMHS. At the moment, the RMHS is participating in another filmmaking process about the feat of Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya.


At the request of Russian and foreign media, experts of RMHS provide operational comments on relevant socio-political issues such as demolition of monuments of gratitude to the Red Army in Poland, desecration of memorials to Soviet soldiers in Western and Eastern Europe, Ukraine, and the Baltic States. Within the framework of the agreement with the Russian Foreign Ministry, historical references on international relations are continuously prepared.

The corporate informational news feed in English has been launched by the RMHS. Monitoring of foreign media on current issues, related to the history of Russia and the patriotic movement, is being continuously conducted.

In 2018 RMHS participates in multiple international projects, such as: celebration of the 140th anniversary of the liberation of Bulgaria during the Russo-Turkish War of 1877-1878, Year of Russian culture in Italy and a number of others. Projects on reconstruction of Soviet soldiers’ burials are been carried on (France, Austria, and the USA). Representatives of RMHS are working in the Czech Republic, the United States, New Zealand, Kyrgyzstan, and Baltic states; contacts are established with public organizations in Poland, Austria, France, and many others.

One of the tasks that the RMHS acknowledges as an important goal is the development of military historical tourism and the increase of tourist’s traffic to places of military glory of Russia abroad. Operators and agencies that work in this segment of the tourism market, informational and methodical support is being rendered.


Currently, the RMHS is represented in 83 regions of the Russian Federation. The Military Historical center operates in the North-Western District of the Russian Federation (St. Petersburg) and Military Historical center in Southern Federal District (Rostov-on-Don) is currently being formed. On the basis of regional offices, work is carried out in all areas of the RMHS activities, events, including federal scale and with international participation, are held. The total number of members of the RMHS today is more than 8200 people, this figure is constantly growing.



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