Descendants of Sobibor camp prisoners took part in the initiative entitled "Immortal Regiment"


Natalya Ladychenko, the granddaughter of the Soviet officer Alexander Pechersky, who led the uprising in the Nazi concentration camp Sobibor in 1943 (it went down in history as the only successful mass uprising of the prisoners of the death camp in the history of the World War II) came to Moscow to take part in the march from Rostov-on-Don.

- I remember Grandpa very well! I caught him before the age of 14. Grandfather was a modest man and never positioned himself as a Hero. In everyday life, he was very simple and caring: always worried that we ate and were fed well. - sharedNatalia Ladychenko. - It's a great honor for me to be here today in Moscow. I am glad that so many people gathered for the action, many young people. Our most important task is for today's descendants to remember what their grandfathers and great-grandfathers did for them. Then they can live their life with dignity. This is important. Because we are nobody and nothing without memory!

Of the 530 of Sobibor prisoners, more than 400 participated in the uprising under the leadership of the officer of the Pechersky. Earlier in the camp, according to various estimates, up to 250,000 people were executed. After the uprising Sobibor ceased to exist.

Alexander Pechersky, Semyon Rosenfeld, Arkady Weispapier, Aleksey Weitzen - these members of the Sobibor uprising lived in different parts of the USSR, but until the very end they remained friends. Today, their descendants and relatives from different cities of Russia and Israel gathered in Moscow to go in the column of the Immortal Regiment. On this day, they honored the memory of those who died in the death camp. The names and photographs for the posters of the column dedicated to Sobibor were collected thanks to the cooperation of the Russian Military Historical Society and the Alexander Pechersky Foundation.

The culmination was the march of the column of the "Immortal Regiment" along Red Square, where Victory Parade was held just a few hours ago. President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin took part in the ranks of the "Immortal Regiment", who carried his father's portrait. Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu and President of Serbia Aleksandar Vucic along with him took part in the parade.

 Reference about the activities of The Russian Military Historical Society

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