Tver Region. International Military Historical Expedition “Rzhev. Kalininsky Front”

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From September 1 to September 14 in the Rzhevsky district of the Tver region the annual International military-historical expedition "Rzhev. Kalinin Front" will take place. The Memory Watch is organized by the Russian Military History Society and the Government of the Tver Region. More than 500 people from different regions of the country, as well as from Kazakhstan, Latvia and Lithuania will conduct research on places of deadly battles.

“I recall the words of the great commander Alexander Suvorov: "The war is not over until the last soldier isn’t buried". The Great Patriotic War is such a tragic and so heroic page in our history that we come back to it again and again. To the memory of our victorious warriors and those who perished on the fronts of that war. For us, they are real heroes," said Mikhail Myagkov, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor, Scientific Director of the Russian Military Historical Society (RMHS).

The expedition “Rzhev. Kalininsky Front” is attended not only by experienced specialists, but also by young people. For them, this is a unique opportunity to learn from the experience of the older generation and feel part of a great story. A special educational program is organized for the participants of the Memory Watch.

“The entry of young men and women into search groups is extremely significant and important. For young people this is not only a new life experience, but also a proof that they appreciate and remember the exploits of those who gave their lives for the sake of freedom of the Fatherland and the well-being of descendants. This is patriotism, the love for the Motherland, which the Russian Military Historical Society seeks to develop in the younger generation,” said Sergei Barinov, head of the Department of Search and Reenactment of the RMHS.

In addition to work on the ground, one of the main objectives of the expedition is the development of common approaches to the development of the search movement, the search for the most optimal and effective models for organizing field and exploratory work using the latest achievements in the field of historical science and modern technologies. This can be done by combining the efforts of representatives of different countries and various subjects of the Russian Federation, scientists, theorists and practitioners of field and archival research.

Support for organizing field work and creating the necessary conditions for the life and work of volunteers will be provided by servicemen of the 90th separate special search battalion of the Russian Ministry of Defense.


"Rzhev. Kalininsky Front "is conducted by the Russian Military Historical Society since 2016. During this time, the expedition was attended by about 1200 people from 50 regions of Russia, as well as representatives of other states. Along with the experienced searchers, the beginners also worked there. Senior comrades passed on to them experience in the field of military archeology, registration of search documentation, as well as archival work. During the expeditions near Rzhev, the remains of 855 of our soldiers were found, 67 names were established.

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